Tour de Moselle 2018




Samedi, 15 septembre 2018, le CCI Differdange en concert avec le Team Differdange-Losch et la Ville de Differdange co-organiseront la 3e étape du "Tour de Moselle" sur le parcours exigeant autour de Differdange.
Le départ de la course sera donné à 15 heures Place du Marché à Differdange.
La présentation des équipes et des coureurs aura lieu à partir de +/- 13:00 heures.


First Professionell Luxemburgisch Team



Skoda tour de Luxembourg (lux) -           uci cat 2hc may 30th - June 3rd

Prologue Luxembourg-City 2,3km

All seven riders did well on this first event. Jelle missed a very good time due of a chain suck in the steepest part of the cobblestoned uphill, on the end of the day Olivier was first on 16th place and Ivan 23rd.

First stage : Luxembourg-City to Hesperange 186,1km

please read Josh's report:

Stage 1 was a day for a bunch sprint, the 187km stage went from Luxembourg City to Hesperange. More or less flat stage with only a few climbs to contend with. so our tactic was clear before the start, to work for Jelle in the lead out and try to deliver him in the best possible position for the sprint finish. We constantly kept communicating throughout the race, and keeping Jelle protected. The stage was going by very smoothly and pretty rapidly and before long, it was winding up for the sprint finish. We hit the local finish laps, and there as this pretty tough climb 4km from the finish and when we hit it the first time i remember thinking ooh this could hurt on the final lap, everybody with fresh legs, and a climb that could drop a few riders, so positioning was important because afterwards was a 3km gradual descent to the finish. However bad luck again struck in the run up to the final lap when Jelle had a rear puncture, just 5km to go. Me and Raph hung back to see what was up, and in a bid to try and bring him back in time, sadly it was by this point game over, the tactic changed and it was everyone elses job to help lead out Olivier, who came home 26th. However riding to the finish, I'd seen there was a big crash 1Km to go in the peloton, so you've always gotta think on the positive side'

Second stage Rosport - Schifflange 170,1 km

but due to extreme weather conditions shortened to Junglinster - Schifflange 89,1km

please read Jelle's report:

I managed to get in the breakaway. We was with 4 guy's and everybody was doing his part of the job. More to the final we began to increase our speed to stay before the peleton. Sadly on the last gpm of the day (15km for the end) i had to let go my collegues due enormous backpain. When i was caugh back to the peleton i tried to help oli and ivan to stay in the front untill my tank was empty.

Third stage Eschweiler (Wiltz) - Differdange 163,8 km

please read Tom's report:

The third stage of this Skoda Tour was the queen stage. It brought the peloton from the nordest start place in Eschweiler to the finish line in Differdange, where the Col de l'Europe was three times on the menu. 

It was an hectical and chaotic start into the race. With Leopard, it was a continental Team holding the yellow jersey. All the other teams tried to attack them everywhere it was possible. In first GPMs of the day, the bunch was splitted in several parts. 

It took until km 70, that a four men break away could get clear of the bunch. From this moment on the peloton was more controlled even if the maximum gap to the attackers was never getting bigger than 1'30''.

In approach to the final laps, we put Olivier in the best position for the fight of the stage win. He could manage to pass the last time the Col de l'Europe in the first positions and put a solo attack on the top. Unfortanetly he got caught at the flamme rouge. Nevertheless he was still able to sprint on the 5th position.


For the team and Differdange it was a real big moment in the race when Olivier entered on the last lap alone in the breakaway the town of Differdange (note by M.G.)

Fourth and last stage Mersch - Luxembourg-Limpertsberg 176km

This stage was overshadowed by a heavy crash of Ivan after about 25km of race. Max and Raphaël wanted to help Ivan, could bring him back into the field, but had to pay the high speed credit and drove the race, unfortunately for them, not to the end. Olivier tried on the end to go on the break away in the heavy and steep climb to the arrival, but loose some seconds and finished the race on a good 14th place only 1'09" behind the winner Pasqualone (ITA) Wanty- Groupe Gobert.

All in all the team did well and a special thanks to the youngest rider of the race Raphaël Kockelmann, who did a hughe job for the team. 

Les boucles de l'aune-chateaulin (FRA) uci cat1.1 may 27th

Please read Josh Teasdale'e report of the race:

It started like a typical coupe de France, fast, aggressive and everybody trying to force a breakaway. Unfortunately for us we were unable to make the breakaway, but with only a few riders present up front, the peloton was content with letting the gap increase and increase. It maxed out at 9 and a half minutes advantage and by the bigger laps, the race began with AG2R la Mondiale going on the front to set the pace. We stayed together very well as a team, but then the long climb was set at a forocious speed with the peloton quickly breaking. Maxime did a fantastic job holding his position in the front split with me and Tom Vermeer unable to make the bridge to join having been too far back at this point. We were then in the 2nd group but the speed was too high to ever come back. We found ourselves in a reasonable group that continued to work together on the local finish laps. Well done and strong performance by Maxime for a solid race. 

Photos credit by Daniel Bachelier 


GP Plumelec-Morbihan (fra)            uci cat1.1 may 26th

Read Tom Thill's report of the race:

Plumelec is best known for their "Cote de Cadoudal", a climb of 1,8 km at 6%. The race includes a big lap of 50 kms around Plumelec followed by 6 laps of 15 kms and 6 laps of 8 kms, what makes a total of 13 times the uphill to Cadoudal. 

As most of the races of this categorie, the first 20 kms were characterised by a lot of attemps of attacks, which made the race fast. After four riders could break out of the bunch, the speed decreased and the gap of bunch raised fast to four minutes. As their was no team wanting to hunt the breakaway, Claudio took together with our DS Marc the decision to lead the bunch and to stablize the gap around three minutes and a half.

With 80 kms till the finish line, the french Teams started to pick up the speed and as the last 50 kms were spiked with 7 of the 13 uphills of Cadoudal, the race went in the decisive phase.

40 kms from the line, Larry attacked but as there was nobody reacting, he stopped his tentative. Maxim, Josh, Jelle and both Toms tried to stay together as best as possible for the final. But in the second last lap the speed got too high in this elimination race what brought us in the situation that Maxim was the only rider of the team who could defend our colours in the last uphill sprint to the finish line.

GP criquelion uci cat 1.2 (bel)         May 13th

And the race report from Tom T.

GP Criquelion with start in Silly and finish in Deux-Acren covered four time a 12 km lap in the beginning, followed by a 50 km transition route to the finish place, where the peloton covered a 19 km lap 5 times. 
In the third of the four small laps of the beginning of the race, a group of 8 riders could escape from the bunch. In this breakaway were representated the 3 Procontinental Teams which were on the start. Despite this situation, it was clear that all is going for a bunch sprint because a lot of wind made it to hard for the attackers to stay in front. On the finish laps the peloton caught the front group with two laps remaining. Even if the laps had a 700m long climb and a cobblestone section of 1km, nobody could attack of the peloton , so that a bunch sprint was inevitable. Here Balàzs came very close to finish in the Top20 as he placed himself on 22nd place.


Flèche ardenaise UCI cat 1.2 (BEL)  may 5th

Please read the race report from Josh:

Flèche Ardenaise was going very well for me until after the rosier, bad luck struck when I was hit by a neutral service car which broke my rear wheel and almost causing a crash, but luckily jelle quickly after gave me his back wheel so I could rejoin. 

I was able to get back and in the final it was me and Maxime in the front group, we followed attacks but lotto were always too quick to respond to everything. It was a sprint for the finish, very fast coming into Hervé for the last time, hectic, I tried to follow the wheels of Lotto but had very little left for the sprint finish. I finished 33rd. 
Throughout the day the rest of the team did a great job keeping me and Maxime positioned for all the important point

And the race report from Tom T.

The Flèche Ardenaise hosted in Hervé is known for their several climbs in the Belgium Ardennes. Some of these climbs as Cote de Wanne, Cote du Rosier or Cote du Mont Theux are  famous, as they are part of Liège-Bastogne-Liège. 
The start of the race was fast as the first 50 kms were all slightly downhill. Jelle and Claudio tried to creat a breakaway to positionate themselve in front of the race. After 40 kms a group of 8 riders could get clear of the bunch. In the fourth GPM of the day the Cote du Rosier, the bunch started to react and put a fast rythm over the Cote de Vecquée, which results that the main bunch was reduced to 65 riders. Maxim, Josh and Tom stayed together in the front of the remaining group. As their was no control of any team in the bunch and the gap of the breakaway was not getting smaller, Tom and Maxim tried to attack in Mont Theux to reaccelerate the pace of the main group. Nevertheless 2 riders of the breakaway manage to stay in front and fight for the win. Josh was Differdange best rider on the finish as 33rd with 5 seconds down on the winner. 


RhOne-alpes-isère tour (FRA)           UCI cat 2.2  may 3rd to may 5th

Fourth and last stage from Bourgoin-Jailleu to Charvieu-Chavagneu distance 171,2 km

Please read Raphaëls report:

We start at 14:00 in .....  It was the last 171km stage of the Tour, We started really fast, it took a while till the first Breakaway was gone. At around 50 km we still had an avarage of 45 kmh. Ivan had still to stuggle with his knee injure what made him to stop the race at around 45 km. When the Breakaway got around 5-6 minutes the race started to get really fast again after 70 km larry crashed in the echelon in cause of a race Signaler who was bad  positionated but luckly he had no major injuries and managed to get back to the bunch. In a climb after 90 km Raphaël Crash also cause of a crash in front of him luckly he also managed to get back to the bunch. In the last climb the bunch exploded again,  Larry and Raphaël got dropped and arrived 4:55 and 5:13 behind the bunch, Jan was able to make a nice 13th place, Olivier made a 45th place and Balasz a 47th place.

Please read Balázs race report

On the last day of the race we were working hard to get to the podium. Despite Jan, Raphäel, and Balazs’s efforts to be in the breakaway, 26 riders went clear including the Yellow and White jersey wearers also. 
Marc then sent all the guys to the front to work with Caja Rural and Roanne to bring back the 1 minute 50 second gap, and after kilometers of hard working it decreased to 45 seconds, when other teams were also interested in catching the break. Jan, Larry and Raphäel was killing themselves in the relays on the front, so for the final only Balazs was there for Olivier. 
6 km from the finish, Oli’s chain was opened and after a really fast bike change (thanks to Marc and Gary) Oli was back in the bunch just in 2 kilometers where Balazs was waiting for him to take to the front. Unfortunately a crash directly in front off Oli in the last km broke the dreams of the team to be on the podium, but it was a good race all of us with more than 600 fast and hilly kilometers.


Third stage from Vault-Milieu to Saint Maurice l'Exil distance 171,4km

First stage under warm weather conditions and on the same time the "King  stage" of the race. Olivier despite to a puncture on the last 5km finished in the bunch sprint on the very good 9th place (Big Thanks to the team car of Wanty-Groupe Gobert given a spare wheel to Oli - because the team car was blocked by the commissioner very far behind). Jan, because of a crash lost a lot of time in GC.


Second stage from the airport St Exupéry (Lyon) to Saint-Bonnet-de-Mur distance 142,2km

Stage with a fast break-away where the team was not present, on a hilly arrival with two laps, in the final bunch sprint Jan managed to finish on a good 13th place on the same time as the winner.


First stage from Charvieu-Chavagneux to Chateauvilain distance 143,3km

Please read Larry's report:

Nobody expected that after this stage the general classification was nearly the same as in the end of this stage race. First a small breakaway got about 5min but in the end Wanty Group Goebert put on a big rythm that made explode the peloton in the local laps. Oli and Jan managed to loose just a few seconds this day.



Paris - Mantes-en-Yvelines (fra)            UCI CAT 1.2 - APRIL 29TH

Race report from Olivier Pardini:

After a very early start at 8 o'clock, 17 riders came out quickly. Having no one in front, the team manage to roll in front and I attacked in the 1st climber and joined the head of the race.

In the final the attacks are successful and I missed 20m in the last climber and I won the sprint of the group for the 5th place.

PWZ Zuidenveld Tour (NED)                UCI cat 1.2 - april 28th

Please read the report of Raphaël Kockelmann:

The Race started quiet fast with much echelons, after around 35 km a breakaway with 20 guys when went away with none of us Differdange riders inside.

We started directly working together in order to get the breakaway back, what didnt worked. After around 70km the peleton exploded in 3 groups in one of the cobblestones sections where Kevin and Raphaël got dropped. On the final circuit the jury took everyone with more than 2 minutes out what made that also jelle was out of the race, at the end Tom ended up in the second group 

GP Memorial arno wallaard (NED) UCI CAT 1.2 - April 21st

Good race for the team, but no luck for us.

The very fast race went over 184km around Meerkerke in the Netherlands. From start on the race speed was faster than 50km/h. The team managed to come in the local Laps (6,5km/lap) with only two losses (Rick due to a puncture and Tiago to a crash). Three laps before arrival Jelle got a puncture and the car couldn't go to him of cause on the very narrow streets. After the neutral car had done the troubleshooting, he managed to catch the first group, but too tired to enter the sprint for sixth place. Tom Vermeer finished 22nd and Jelle 32nd 19 "behind winner Huppertz (Team Lotto-Kern Haus).

Result on PCS

Tour du Jura (FRA) UCI2.2                  April 21st - 22nd

This two stage race in the France Jura, was the first hard contest for the team and after the Tour du Cher et Loir our second stage race of the year. 

On the first stage over 163km from Poligny to Salins-les-Bains the team did a good race, finishing at the third place in  team classification. The stage was won by Rekita (Léopard Pro-Cycling), Olivier finished at 40sec on a good 14th, with Josh on 22nd and Max on 24th place at 40 sec gap. Tom Thill, Ivan and Jan worked a lot for the team.

Results on directvélo.

The second stage went over 161km from Villeneuve-sous-Pymont to Arbois. After the start Max entered in a leading group. After this group was caught back by the bunch Josh went to the second one of the day. Unfortunately for us the bunch came again together and Olivier finished on the second place on the stage behind Tom Written (Ago-Aqua Service), Josh came in at the 25th place at 14sec.

In the GC Olivier is on 11th place 40sec down the winner Hagen (Joker Icopal), Josh 20th at 54sec, Max 32nd at 8'38"

Results on directvélo.


Liège-Bastogne-Liège Espoirs

April 14th 2018

Our Under 23 riders took part of this race (Jan, Laurin, Tiago, Rick and Raphaël), Larry had a flu and has withdrawn from the race at the last moment. Jan did a strong race and was only dropped in the second last uphill, the côte de Saint Nicolas and finished at 3'03" of the winner on the 63rd place.

Results on directvélo.

Tour du Loir et Cher - E. Provost

UCI cat 2.2 April 11th to april 15th 2018

Fourth stage.

Again Tom Vermeer was the strongest rider from Team Differdange-Losch. He finished at the 33rd place. The stage around Bourré with a total length of 183km length.

Result by directvelo

Pictures credit by Pascal Linget

Third stage.

Today, Tom Vermeer finished the stage on a good 19th place, with 19" gap, and Maxim on a 33th place with the same time gap. The stage went from Droué at Vendôme with a 178km length.

Result by directvelo

Pictures credit by Pascal Linget

Claudio got the "Fair Play" prize on the third stage.


Second stage.

Under rainy conditions, Jelle and Claudio finished in bunch sprint on the 24th and 26th position. The stage length was 200km and starts from Vernou-en-Sologne to go to la Ferté-Imbault.

Result by directvelo

Pictures credit by Pascal Linget

First stage.

Jelle donders made a beautiful 10th place at the bunchsprint in this first stage which led the runners of Blois to Fougères-sur-Bièvre on a total length of 183,5km.

Result by directvelo

Pictures credit by Pascal Linget

Paris-Camembert uci cat 1.1                  (April 10th 2018)

First UCI 1.1 race in France (coupe de France)

No luck on the start. Olivier and Balázs had stomach problems in the morning and could not weigh in the race, despite having started. In these conditions all the tactics of the race went on the arms of Josh, who made an incredible performance to finish this event in 33rd place with a delay of only 1'41 "behind Calmejane (Direct Energie).

The weather conditions were very bad, especially at the end of the race, with heavy rains and mud on the roads and a passage in an unpaved forest road.

Congratulations to Josh for his race.

Pictures credit by Pascal Linget

TT championship of Limburg (BEL)

Huge victory for our rider Joshua Teadale on the provincial TT championship of Limburg (Belgium). He finished the 32,4km long time trial race at 42'03" with an average speed of 46,6km/h.


Second was Sander Elen with an 1'08" gap and third Rutger Wouter with 2' down.


Well done Josh.



Race in Dippach (LUX) April 1st

Nice victory by Tom Vermeer and second place for Olivier Pardini on Luxembourgish streets on a cold and rainy day. The team performs a 9 places among the first 15 in classification.

Pictures credit by Albert Krier

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Races Weekend March 19th

Regional race G.P. Ost in Bech - Luxembourg

Team composed by, Tiago, Olivier, Jan, Josh, Balázs, Rick and Raphaël

On deep freezing temperature, very good and offensive race for the team, solved by a good second place by Olivier. Josh was, by fare, the most aggresif rider of the race, while he was in the attack at least 5 of the 13 lap and even on the final two laps with a rider of Prorace, but unfortunately the group was caught back and Jens Reynders from the Leopard squad won the race on sprint just in front of Olivier. 

Ronde van Woensdrecht


Ronde van Woensdrecht is a criterium of 80km on a lap of 1600 meter (50 laps) one of the harder criteriums in Holland. 
Every lap the riders have to go for the "Rijzende weg" a 340meter long uphill with a average of 5%.  Already early in the race a group of 8 riders attacked. I was one of them for our team. Together with 4 other Dutch guys, 1 Danish rider & 2 Japenish riders we build up a nice advantage on the peloton. Due to the parcours & the cold more and more riders where dropped out of this breakaway group. In the deep final only 4 riders in the front where left. I tried to get away to drive solo to the finish. However, two teammates could counter me a few times after each other. I could not get further than spot 3 in the sprint. Despite a painful throat, it is a great achievement and my first podium of the year.
Report by Tom Vermeer

race PROGRAM Weekend March 11th

Race : Paris-Troyes (FRA) UCI cat 1.2

Team composition:

Riders: Olivier, Laurin, Jan, Ivan, Maxim, Balázs and Larry

Staff: Francis, Gary, Akos

Race report of Paris-Troyes,

Great race and first top ten result in a UCI race.

Olivier finished in the bunch sprint on the 9th place, Jan finished on the same time at the 35th position while Maxim 86th got a time gap of 12:39 min. Winner of the race was Adrien Petit (Direct Energie) while Laurin, Rapahël and Balázs (after crash) DNF. 160 riders on the start of the race.



RACE : Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen (NED) UCI cat 1.2

Team composition:

Riders: Tom V. Tom T. Josh, Kevin, Jelle, Tiago and Claudio 

Staff: Marc, Detlef, Tim, Fabi

Race report of Rabobank Dorpenomloop Rucphen,

No luck in the final bunch sprint.

Less than 450m before the end of the race, Jelle, brillant lead out by his colleges, was involved in a crash, while he sprinted for 3rd place. Josh took so the 26th place with 17sec, on the same time Tom V. 30th, Kevin, who works the whole day for the team 78th with 28sec, same time than Claudio, Tom T. on 93rd 34sec and Jelle 96th with 38sec. while Tiago finished his first race after his heart operation last August on a 128th place 7:11 sec down. All the riders finished this race. Well done156 riders on the start of the race.

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